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Photo's by James Ondulick

See no evil speak no evil hear no evil


After tank school at Aberdeen Proving Ground ,  Maryland  I ended  up  at  Ft  Hood,  Texas,  with the   1st Armored  Div.  "Old Ironsides",  we put a  show on with competition between the different tank  companys,  we baught  this  57 Buick and  an  older Chevy, we set the throttle, and tied the steering wheels so they went  around in large circles  and  our M-60 tanks made passes trying to hit one of the cars, not an  easy task aiming for a moving target,  one of my tanks  hit the  Buick  and  I took this Polaroid snapshot. summer of  1966


We left  our  base  camp,Blackhorse, in  December,  67,  and  didn't return  until,  April 68,,,,,,first,, bath  we had in  4 months,,,,we  were  with the  "Big  Red  One",,,,,,1st Infantry,  Div,  I took this  photo  near  An loc or  Lia ka  in early 68


Australian tank that  broke down  out side  Blackhorse, the  crew stayed  with  us  for about  3 week's waiting on  parts,  after  we  towed it  in  with our  M-88,,,,,,,,those  boys could sure drink  beer,  forefront is "fuzzy"  Laxton  from Patterson ,  Missouri  we called " Fuzzy,"  the  old  man,  he  was  28 at  the  time,  most of  us  were 19 or 20,,,,,,,  best  mechanic I ever met,  any problems  we had, getting  something running,  we went  to  "Lax


Batt and Preacher, Capt. Barber, "Sky Pilot"


Unk  Ondulick  working  on  a  jeep. Photo below left to  right  is  Beeman,  from  Maryland,  Wop,  Sutton,  Unk  Ondulick , Jim Craig, and Holland


Working on a  M113 armored personnel carrier engine.


Montagnards gave me her as a puppy, "Princess"

Dec. 6 ,67 Convoy from Xuan Loc to Lai Khe


French tank found outside Black Horse named 2-HQ-007


M109 self propelled howitzer,  Blackhorse base camp    " Di  Di  Mau"


Changing  an  engine on a M113A1  armored personnel carrier Christmas Eve, 1967 near Lai Khe.


M-88 Track Armor Recovery Vehicle

     The M-88 series ARV is the second generation armor recovery vehicle deployed by U.S. Army, it replaced the M-74ARV which was modified from M-4A3 chassis, production of the M-88 ran from 1960 to 1964 with 1,075 M-88 produced. M-88 is developed from the M-48A2MBT chassis, with a great degree of logistic commonality between the M-88 ARV and M-48 series MBT. It is capable of recovering the M-48/M-60 series MBT. During the Vietnam War U.S.Army had deployed numerous M_48A3 into the battlefield hence the M-88 ARVS were also deployed to service these battle tanks.

       The hull of the M-88 is of cast armor and rolled armor welded together, the suspension is similar to that used on the M-48MBT, but

Power plant of the M-88used AVST-1790-6made by TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL MOTORS coupled with XT-1400 transmission, maximum engine output is 690 bhp, power to weight ratio is 13.7 bhp./ton, maximum road speed is 42 km/hr, and cruising range of the M-88 is approximately 360 km. The M-88 has a crew of 4 main equipments include a hydraulically operated blade in front of the vehicle, and an A-type boom pivoted at the front of the hull. Maximum lift capacity with blade in use is 22.7 tons. There are two winches in the lower part of the hull. Maximum towing capacity of the M-88 is 41 tons. There is also a 12.7mm machine gun for air defense.

        Of the 1,075 M-88 originally produced, 878 had been improved to the M-88A1 standard and are currently serving in the U.S.Army and Marine Corps. Exports were also made to countries deploying M-88/M-60 series MBT